... a weird artist, professor and brazilian ten string guitar player.

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I was raised in Votorantim, small city in São Paulo state, Brasil; but life has based me in Piauí state, São Raimundo Nonato city, Caatinga area. Most of myself is a brazilian ten string guitar (viola dez cordas) player who seeks harsh sounds and long, monotonous melodies. Since youth I walked among many good people of folk arts showing me ways to play and imagine music through my instrument, the brazilian ten string guitar (viola de dez cordas). From early on I am attached to the brazilian viola as an instrumental, modal and narrative adventure.
Some part of my self is a professor at Federal University of São Francisco Valley (UNIVASF), Serra da Capivara campus; a social scientist - a anthropologist - dealing with topics like History, Theory and sociology of technics and technology, Theory and history of Social Sciences and Applied ethnomusicology.
Further parts of myself are engaged in cultural projects for dissemination of the brazilian viola as a cultural bridge through modal music from local perspectives to universal audiences - and vice-versa.

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